Frequently Asked Questions

General Ranch Questions

When does the ranch open for the season for events and when does it close?

Are there fire pits, and do we need to bring our own wood?

Do you allow pets?

What accommodations do you offer?

Are there dining facilities for guests?

Can guests bring their own food and beverage?

What are the average weather conditions at Piney River Ranch during the season?

Any advice for avoiding high altitude sickness?

How do I get to the ranch?

Is there WiFi or cell service on the ranch?

Wedding & Event Related Questions

How many hours do we have the venue for our wedding?

When does our 10 hour block of time begin?

Who is responsible for setting up and taking down decorations?

Are there any restrictions for décor such as hanging things, stringing lights, candles or fireworks?

Does Piney River Ranch have a ladder available for decorating?

Can I drop off décor items etc. before my 10 hour block begins?

Can I pick up my décor items etc. the day after my event?

What time should I have my guests arrive to Piney River Ranch for my wedding?

When can we and our vendors arrive on the property?

Can we purchase additional hours?

What is included in the cost of the venue for a wedding?

How many guests can you accommodate for events?

Are outside catering vendors permitted?

I want an outdoor ceremony, but I am worried about the weather. Do you have a contingency plan for inclement weather?

Do you provide transportation from the Vail area?

Will we have access to the ranch for a rehearsal?

Will there be a tasting for our event prior to final menu selection?

What are the dimensions of the tables and how many do they seat?

What type of seating does PRR provide?

Do you provide linens?

Does Piney River Ranch have an AV sound system?

Does Piney River Ranch have a microphone?

Is there power available for the ceremony deck?

Does Piney River Ranch have refrigeration available to store a wedding cake or dessert?

Can we bring in our own alcohol to enjoy while we get ready?

Is there WiFi or cell service on the ranch?