Piney River Ranch sits within the White River National Forest, and is home to many species of Colorado wildlife. The National Forest is a habitat for many, but we most commonly see Elk, Deer, Osprey, and Moose out at the ranch. This draws a lot of attention for Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Though we have wildlife sightings daily, our most frequent visits are from our resident moose, Monty, and mule deer, Lucy. Though they are beautiful and look friendly from afar, keep in mind that these are wild animals, and need to be treated as such. We understand it can be exciting to see moose in person, but you need to remember that they are among the most dangerous animals in North America. We encourage our visitors to keep a safe distance between you and any wild animal you may come across. And more importantly, do not approach, throw anything at, or feed any wild animals. This is to keep you and our other guests safe.

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